Guitars and Music are in my DNA: Some Pictures of my 1990 Guitars on Google Drive
As student of Master Carlo Raspagni in Vignate (MI),  I opened my personal Guitar shop in Milano in the 1980.

After this important  life and job experience, i've worked for 15 years in Milano for MKM SRL that had in the 90s' a very nice and complete music instruments catalog, electronics audio and many spare parts imported in Italy for B2B distribution in Italian music market.
Takamine Guitars quality was my direct care in B2B and also B2C after sales technical service in Italy.

The new EMG pickups distribution (after Ricordi) was one of my best business success in this 90's, with increased sales  (+40%) after the first MKM year Team's work. I was only 24y old, not bad for a young man, expecially I could live a great experience with suppliers in Japan, USA, Germany, Korea, Europe, Cina, but you must remember it was a world without Internet,so very different different from today ! So I started as Tecnical worker, but thanks to this formidable human experience in MKM Srl, I could develop my Commercial skills step by step with presales supports for all items "Hard to sale". This fantastic period of my life ended in 1998, when I moved from Milano to Bergamo.