Born in Milano on 17 th of January 1962, I live in Bergamo's provence. I travel for business in Italy and I can speak French and English.    I attended high school, I'm self-taught radio technician.

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I like to be creative but I don't consider myself an artist, even if I've worked for 15 year as product manager in music instruments market, just an eclectic man that watch life at 360°.
I've done many things since i was 50s, so it is necessary to do a bit of order in my adventures and projects.
The real question is: do we leave a trace of our experiences ? Believe me, it is not an impossible task, you only need commitment, perseverance and passion, and good technical results will also come to you
without mistakes.

Of course, leaving a trace is an ethic work for seniors like me
. I dedicate this pages to the new generations who are not content of the surface, but want to explore the art of building a radio with their own hands and brain.
Why this web pages ?