I use Hand Made radio only on HF Bands, 50 and 144 MHz all mode SSB, CW, AM.

My rack has 2 separate DDS-VFO, a TX all mode with modulator and pilot Class A.

2 RX separate: first is a single 9 mhz anologic conversion, a double 10.7 and 455 khz, and finally a phase aux rx on first IF double choice 10.7 or 9 mhz with SDR on PC.
Ham Radio Life Style
This is my genuine ham radio life style, because we have to build our radio if we want to be spiritual sons of Mr.Guglielmo Marconi !
I started as Solder Smoker from 1980 with QRP kits, and my radio shack is always under construction in QRP or QRO power version.

I made few quality QSO just to test my home radio projects and 5/9 replica or contest, is not for me!