Ik2nbu Radio Projects, pdf all in Italian language:
Ham Radio Life Style
I started with simple single band QRP kit in the 80's, and project after project I made different HF all mode radio home projects, for this result I have to thanks firstly my solder smoker friends and then my strong passion for RF projects allowed me to make even a complete Home made rtx for 50 mhz and 144 mhz SSB band.I also like AM modulation, medium wave and broadcasting low level AM TX until 100 watt power.

Any RF schematic, simple or complex, is for me a source of inspiration for new radio projects even if I have to read many technical books. Many old operators have today a home made rig, but we are a small % group in the Ham Radio panorama, though today with Internet, technical forum, schematic and application notes available on line, building a home made radio is more easy compared to the past, but a good senior teacher always helps.
So do not be afraid to ask !
Mosfet IRFP450 Amplifier Part 1 50-70 Mhz 10 watt SSB Amplifier I e Q Crystal 0-90° IF 10.7 Mhz Nescaf Audio Filter SSB/CW
Mosfet Rack IRFP450 Part 2 Driver CAT amp 500mW - 0 - 2 Ghz AGC RF with AD603 RX Filter Front HF-50-144
Mosfet HF Video Testing Junk Watt Meter 10 watt HF Amp 100mW IN - 200 watt OUT Return Loss Bridge
SWR sensor 1 KW TX Driver HF-VHF Class A Upgrade  IF 9 Mhz AD603 Diplexer 9 Mhz for IF
HF Amp MRF422 AM/SSB 2 x DSS VFO HF to 144 MHz Testing Diplexer 9 mhz Basic VFO with LTC1799
AM TX LOW POWER Driver TX 10 dBm HF-VHF QRP 10 Watt Mosfet Upgrade 0 - 180° passive RF splitter
Receiver HF -50-144 All Mode Multimode 50 mW Modulator 4 Time Square IC Signal Generator TDA2003 Audio Low Noise
Active Watt Meter for PeP AM HF Amplifier 200 watt AM / SSB VFO Square IC Signal X 1 Maxim RF Generator 20 Mhz
AM DETECTOR TCA440 Power Meter 1-10 Watt until 1 GHz Classic VFO 80 + Class E Amp Power Supply 28V 100A / 13V 30A
AGC  IF JFET Cascode Amplifier PC SDR Rack AM 100 % Modulator High Quality 40 Watt HF SSB/AM Class A
Class E 100 AM Medium Wave Radio Polis 30 watt Medium Wave IF digitale 70 Mhz per ICom R72 Alimentatore Duale da banco