Pizzo Arera (Mt.2512) on 144 and 50 Mhz QRP SSB
I took the passion for mountain  from my father and I started climbing in the 80's, thanks to my old radio friends IW2EVY Paolo and Massimo Free Climber. I've practiced this discipline for 10 years in a very intense way on falesia and classic routes on the Alps in Italy. Mountain is always a good teacher if you are ready to listen !
Ham Radio Life Stile
Monte Grem (Mt.2049) Ski Touring and during
a Free Climber 6A+ on Corno Pagano Rogno BG
Climbing is much more than a simple mountain sport, for me it is the best way to get to a next brain's level. When you are alone on the rocks, mind is nicely empty, like during a perfect Zen meditation.