This is a nice database on line : http://www.short-wave.info/index.php to have updated informations on HF.

Even if you don't have a receiver at home, you can listen anyway at: http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/
SWL Projects and Documents ik2nbu
Antenna Active 8 Way Splitter HF RX
Home Made HF Receiver Matrix
Expert Splitter with Filters and Noise Killer
Basic Project for a Noise Cancelling
RX Balun Calculator and HF Comparison
Differents Loop Antenna from 50 to 90 cm
Half Wave Antenna from 10 to 15 Mhz
Stereo AM sample Audio and SDR Images
IF 9 Mhz Single Conversion HF Receiver
Diplexer for RX IF at 9 Mhz Home Made
Military Voltmeter 2 conversion OL receiver
Matrix HF-144 Receiver Upgrade 2020
Video SWL Testing IK2NBU
Test 2 Home Made RX with ICOM R72
Matrix SDR receiver 80 mt. band filter
Matrix HF-144 I & Q SDR at 10.7 IF
Audio Capacitive Active Filter Test LMF100
OM Directional Passive Loop Test
Test Comparison Loop an Mini-Whip
Loop AN-100 Tecsun and Kenwood TH-F7
AM Filter for RX Home Made
Direct Conversion Receiver for beginner
Tecsun PL660 with Home made Active Loop
AM Radio 1350 KHZ with Loop indoor antenna
Test Diplexer 9 Mhz
Military Vintage OL Receiver Testing
Without listening...there
can not be dialogue !
One of the best personal web site about receiver test is: https://www.fenu-radio.ch/en-index.htm