As Ham Operator ik2nbu I also published on the magazine:
QRP and SOTA Press Pdf
Bollettini I QRP CLUB until 2002
Calendar Sota Italy and Watt 4 Miles
2013 QRP Analogico e Digitale PDF
2015 Autocostruzione e Social Net PDF
2014 Antenne Balun Class E PDF
Radio Kit Magazine Press:
RTX 9 bande HF + 144 PDF
Radio Libere 2.0 AM TX Low Power
Guitar Club Magazine 90's Press:
EMG Pickups (part 1)
Gibson Dirty Finger / Seymour Duncan
Di Marzio Dual Sund and Fender 57
Custominzing: Acustic Guitar Pickups
Custominzing: EMG Acustic Setup
I have also published several articles on the magazine Guitar Club in the 90's, during my job on music instruments distribution with MKM Srl in Milano City.
I worked with the local Italian Club ARI to do technical training on specific radio topics: QRP, SOTA, Radio Mountain...etc. around North and Central Italy in over 30y of Ham Radio License. I've been member n.001 and founder of I QRP CLUB and Italian Sota Manager for the first 8 years of outdoors QRP activity.