Starting with City 27 Mhz band at 16y old, my first projects were DX antennas Delta Loops then I made several antennas for my QTH and also for my friends in Milano and Bergamo, during my 42y licence as ik2nbu.
Mix Antennas Projects:
Big Gun HF Quad
Vertical 10-15 Mhz with Tuner
PDF ideas from Radioavventura
SOTA Antennas
Vertical Ringo 27 modified for 14 Mhz
Warc Bands Vertical Antenna
Magnetic base SMA Antenna and RG174 Cable
18 MHz band Vertical Half Wave
14 MHz half Wave Vertical Antenna
Vertical 14 mt HF 3 band 60-40-17
Circuits and Balun:
Simple Phase Antenna Circuit
Balun Calculator Comparison
Balun 9:1 TX
7 mhz Half Wave Wire Tuner
Wire HF Antenna Calculator
L Trans-match Medium Wave Wire
L Trans-macth for 1.8 MHz + OM
Remote Switch Antennas HF-VHF
Loop and Active SWL :
OM an SWL 90 cm Tuner Loop
Loop Matching 14 microH
BCL Table Loop 50 cm
Loop 19 microH for OL and OM
Mini Whip by ik2nbu
Active Loop 60 cm Preamp
Active loop for medium Wave